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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Strawberry Saturday

 I got an Email late Friday night from my favorite grocery stores. It said  that they would have strawberries in stock on Saturday for $3.99 a case.   I was overjoyed!   On Saturday morning I was able to pop over and picked up 6 cases of berries, some sugar, and pectin to make Jam. 

I love freezer jam, but haven't made it for a while.  I have not had the freezer room until recently.  I was shocked to find out that the recipe in the pectin box called for corn syrup.  since when does freezer jam call for corn syrup?   I happened to have some on hand, so we were able to make jam without another trip to the store.  We made freezer jam, rhubarb strawberry jam, and frozen berries for smoothies etc.

The grand total

28 pint jars freezer jam
5 freezer containers that each hold about 2 1/2 cups jam
11 pint jars rhubarb strawberry jam
16 quart bags whole berries

Plus we still have a case of berries to eat fresh.
We will be making an angel food cake today!  

I was glad that I had signed up for email alerts from my favorite store.  It saved me from buying the berries at $5.99 a case plus the pectin was on for a steal at that same store.  I saved over $20 on my jam making experience just by keeping my eyes and ears open.

If you missed the first post in my series on how to maxamize your grocery budget you can read it here

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  1. My first batch of jam, the recipe was just strawberries and sugar (and of course pectin) The recipe out of the next pectin box called for lemon juice and corn syrup. I was confused, but I followed each recipe. :)