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Friday, April 13, 2012

My Grandma Keyte

My dear grandma at Easter 2011

 I love my dear Grandma who is going to be 92 this year!  she is a wonderful imspiration to me.  She has always seemed happy with whatever life throws at her.  She has lived a simple life.  one that I would like to emulate.  She does not need alot in life.  She lives very simply and very happy.  She loves her children and grandchildren very much.  She was happy to raise children and take care of Grandpa and the ranch.  She raised a garden for years.  (She is part of a generation that grew up having to garden to survive.)  She has made it clear that no one at her funeral is to say that she liked to garden.

Growing up we spent alot of time with Grandma and Grandpa.  We lived a few blocks away and would visit them often.  Grandma always had good food to share with us.  One thing we learned early on was if Grandma said "do you want more?" it meant that another helping was ready to be deposited on your plate.  If you said "no" you might only get one more small scoop.  You would have to run away and hide your plate when done. She showed her love with the food.  she always had cinnamon toast for us, Or the fruit flavored mini marshmellows.  One thing she would make that I still have fond memories of is Strawberry cake on sunday afternoons.  She still makes yummy potato salad and cherry cream pies.  Our favorite is her special rice krispie treats with chocolate and butterscotch chips melted on top. 

When I was young (about 8) I had a rare opportunity to spend a few days with Grandma and Grandpa  recovoring from having my tonsils out.  One of my siblings was really sick at the time and mom and dad sent me to recover at Grandma's house.  I thought I was in heaven.

Grandma's house was like a little heaven,  but when the camera came out (which was often) we all cringed. We all hated having our picture taken by Grandma, but we did it. How could you refuse such a loving person.  She would make us stand facing the sun where we couldn't see anything.  There is picture after picture of my siblings and I  (along with the cousins half the time)  eyes squinting in the bright sunshine.  That is the reason my eyes are shut in pictures nowdays.  Grandpa expecially those last few years hated the camera.  He taught the young grandchildren to show the camera the bird finger.  We have a whole supply of Grandpa and the Grandkids showing their displeasure for Grandma's picture taking.  

Grandma's house was always fun and adventuresome.  We played in the old chicken coop and the rabbit hutch, climbed the trees and spend time sitting on fences.  The orchard was a fun place to play, and the wars we would have throwing gooseberries at one another; oh it was fun! Working and helping grandma was always a joy. I want my kids to grow up having such memories.   I think that by living simply I will be able  to make those kind of Memories with my own kids. 


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